By James Chow

Protected: Windows Vista Is Here, Yay!

Windows XP is getting obsolete!

After more than 2 years hearing about its rumours, the monster has arrived! Windows Vista is here!

For those of you that are not really into technology, Vista is the latest version of the Windows operating system series by Microsoft, and an operating system’s basically the thing that controls and organizes your programs and files in your computer.

In the future, Windows Vista will most likely take over the Windows XP that you’re using now. With spectacularly enhanced graphics and various improved features, well, why not?

My friend and I purposely went to Low Yat Plaza today for this event! I’m not that much of a tech geek, but I know that Vista is really something gigantic.

Here’s the main exhibition area:

Aerial View

Once you step into the area, you will see huge LCD screens showing-off their latest interface and graphic abilities, leaving not even one pixel out of your sight for your own inspection.

Widescreen LCDs

Two great graphical features that I really like are the AERO interface and Flip 3D mode.

With the AERO interface, objects on your desktop become translucent, so you can see clearly what’s on your desktop at a glance even if it’s littered with dozens of opened folders and applications.

The Flip 3D mode can sort of organize your desktop objects in a superrealistic 3D line as you choose which to work on. I’m sure this will require no less performance from any video card since it is simply so-so-so cool!

You can even experience all those on the spot with these demo PCs:

Demo PCs

Damn, even transferring files can win you prizes here! You can win up to RM1000 worth of prizes by signing up to this contest to test Windows Vista’s speed of file transfer using a thumbdrive! The guys at Microsoft are really confident at their product…

Speed Competition

And OMG! There was an O2Jam competition!!! It started yesterday, and the finals is today!

Well, since O2Jam is a program by itself, I wonder if there would be any difference playing O2Jam on Windows Vista, I mean, would it be nicer or faster or something?

O2Jam Competition

Although I really wanted to, but we didn’t have time to hang back and watch the competitions since we had to go to Sungei Wang to buy some stuff, then rush back to Cyberjaya before 6PM for an appointment. What a waste…

But anyway, we each got a free copy of HardwareMag and a bottle of Windows Vista mineral water before we left, at least! Wakakaka!

Magazine and Water

Man, really wanna change to Windows Vista soon, but aiks, better let them check out the bugs and security loopholes first, who knows, it might be like Windows XP all over again… =)

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By James Chow

Protected: Wanna Ride a ‘Fellari’?

I was scrolling through the photos in my camera and I found this really interesting photo!

The photo was taken in Seremban a few weeks ago when I was there visiting my friends. Placed outside the shops along the streets were small machines selling capsules with fancy toys inside, although the truth is that the toys that you get are usually not those that are being advertised on the machine. Really sucks, doesn’t it?

But I guess if any of you guys had a normal childhood, you would have at least bought once from those machines… Well, I did when I was young!

Anyway, here’s one that caught my attention that day, not because I wanted to buy it, of course, but rather the products that they are selling did.

Toy-Capsule Machine

Last time they were selling fake tamagochi and digimon figurines because kids were crazy over them. But now they are selling car logo keychains! Just answer this question: Does your 9-year-old nephew go crazy over cars? Will he run around saying how great the latest Lamborghini or Ferrari is?

Some might say “yes”, but I’ll bet most 9-year-olds will just say “…huh”?

Anyway, a closer look made me laugh out loud:


Ladies and gentlemen, introducing… the Fellari.

I think the Chairman of Ferrari will really have a heart attack if he sees this.

Ferrari, arguably the most famous sports car in the world, was being mispelled in the midst of all the competiting car brands surrounding it! You can almost hear the Mercedes-Benz logo beside it whispering: “Yo buddy, they can’t even get your name right, maybe you should just shove off!”

Let me clarify that I have absolutely nothing against Ferrari, just thought that you people might wanna see this. =)

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By James Chow

Protected: Somewhere To Go… For Art Lovers

The VISIT MALAYSIA 2007 tourism campaign is on! Let me feature a great place for you art lovers out there to go, in Malaysia!

But before that, please allow me to introduce:

The prestigious musée du Louvre, or the Louvre Museum, in Paris.

Louvre Museum

Image taken from

The Louvre museum is the home for many famous historical paintings and arts such as the Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, the Venus de Milo statue etc. It was a major scene in the bestselling novel The Da Vinci Code, written by Dan Brown.

Sounds interesting right? But if you can’t afford the flight tickets to France, I have a great recommendation, right here in Malaysia!

Back home, this is where I call the Louvre of Malaysia:

Spooky Entrance

It is basically an underground pedestrian tunnel across a busy road, on which you are very likely to get hit if you don’t use the tunnel. Somehow it is the only way to cross the road, and as far as I know, there are no other alternatives.

So you walk through the entrance and voila! You’re in for some really cool artworks as it seems that here is the place where the greatest graffiti artists gather to show their talent!

This is the entrance staircase to the ‘galleries’. From here, you’ll start smelling an extremely sickening stench that could either come from rotten corpses or diseased water, it’s hard to tell.

Basically, it’s something like a scene that you’re likely to encounter in horror games like Silent Hill, Resident Evil, or Half-Life series.


Anyway, once down the staircase, you’ll arrive at the “art galleries”, and there’s no entrance fee! Yay!

Here are a few comparisons between the real Louvre Museum in Paris, and my own self-designated Malaysian ‘Louvre Museum’, I think you’ll find them strangely identical:

This is the Grand Gallery in the real Louvre Museum, Paris. It’s the place where many ultra-famous painting are displayed on the walls on either sides of it:

Image taken from
The Grand Gallery


The Grand Gallery of our underground “Louvre museum” (the scary pathway of the tunnel):

Caution: Don’t look at this photo at after 12A.M., it looks like a photo in which a ghost might just appear in the middle of the pathway… >.<

Here, we can truly see the works of some of the greatest graffiti artists in Malaysia! I’m not insulting them, but I’m actually quite impressed by their artworks! But of course graffiti should never be encouraged, right?=)

In the Grand Gallery of the real Louvre Museum, rests the great Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci, with her famous and intriguing smile. Some people say that the smile has a hidden meaning in it…

The Mona Lisa


Our own Mona Lisa with the great famous smile!


Yes, I know that is nothing too nice… But that’s just the opening! Here are some of the other artworks:

1) A vampire’s head, I presume. But with quite nice colours and tones.

Graffiti Artwork

2) A awesome dunno-what-is-it. But it’s really cool!

Another Artwork...

3) Incredible design, especially when it is done on a wall at such a large scale! But frankly, I really don’t know what the words are… =\


When it comes to art you always see these things =):

Some uncommon ones...

Those are the few nicer ones that I managed to get a photos of. Thats because when I proceeded to the exit, I finally found the source of the disgusting, horrifying smell:


Disgusting, eeeky water...

No la, I guess they are just some leftovers of the painting materials, plus some contained rain wate, all mixed together and unremoved for many many months, maybe years. And guess what? I actually STEPPED IN THAT DISGUSTING POOL!!

Accidentally of course!

All my mood of photographing left me instantly and I just wanted to get out of there to clean my shoes. Sigh!

But before we got up, I managed to get the photograph of a cute sign telling you the direction of the exit! How considerate of them!

Exit this way up….!

Exit sign!

Well there you have it, my self-designated Louvre of Malaysia! I know there might be some other graffiti arts sites with better artworks than these, but anyway… *shrugs*.

Before I end, I must stress that it really really STINKS in there! If you ever need to use the tunnel try to wear a gas mask or something… I nearly fainted standing there taking these photos!

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