By James Chow

Protected: Carnival of Japan @ MMU

This actually happened yesterday but I didn’t have time to blog about it, so here’s the replacement!

Japanese culture lovers, you’re gonna love this! The Japanese Cultural Society (JCS) of MMU has organized a Carnival of Japan in MMU! This is truly not an event that you can see everyday!

Carnival of Japan!

In my opinion, the Japanese culture influence in Malaysia, especially among youths, is mainly caused by… anime! That’s right! Japanese animated cartoons, anime! I don’t know if referring anime as cartoons is correct, but I daresay if there were no anime in Malaysia at all, the Japanese cultural effect here would be a lot less, which will also take away a lot of colours in many of today’s youths’ life.

But OF COURSE no one should ever stop anime from coming to Malaysia! As their distinct character illustrations and story plots are just so lovable, that it is almost certain that most youths will embrace anime as part of their lives for certain periods of their age. I did, last year! =)

Anyway, back to the carnival

Right at the entrance of the canopies, you’ll find what they call ‘Love’s Board

Board of Love

It’s very nice ’cause all the love and flower shaped papers have love messages written on them… How meaningful! I think it’s there because it was Valentine’s Day yesterday.

All over the sheltered outer compound of the carnival were stalls selling different sorts of goodies. There were Japanese foods, souvenirs, chocolates for V day, and even a stall where you can fish all you want in 30 seconds from a tray… Using a totally torn net!

Glen bought an egg that if you crack the tip and water it as though it were a plant, a small single-leaf plant will grow out of it with the words I Love You printed on the leaf! Amazing huh? I wonder who he wants to give it to… Hehe…

To add to the Japanese atmosphere, most of the JCS working staff and members were dressed up in Japanese outfit!

Members in Japanese Outfit!

Inside the exhibition area, you’ll see what all the fuss is all about. There’s a huge collection of Japanese stuff on display and if I’m not mistaken, they were sponsored for display by an authority in Japan! Forgot which authority though…=)

Here’s the main exhibition area:

Exhibition Area

There were Japanese cuisines, costumes, paintings, figurines, pot plants, traditional games, and miniature traditional houses on display.

I liked the miniature houses the most ’cause they are sooo nice and real! And there were like around a dozen of them, if you liked miniature art, I think you might just want to rob them from the carnival!

Miniature houses!

I think most of you will recognize the toys in the image below as they sometimes appear in anime or Japanese TV series.


They are called Kendama, basically each of them is made of a ball attached to a two-sided hammer by a string. You’ll have to swing the ball from the top to land once on each side of the hammer, and then swing it again to return to the top. I tried it and I can tell you it’s DAMN difficult!

Overall the carnival was fine although it was extremely hot to be directly under the sun with canopies as shelters only, but everything else was very exciting and nice!

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By James Chow

Protected: The Nightmare Bus For Busy People.

Everyone hates busus when they are full.

A full bus means that you’ll have to stand for the whole journey, and it sucks.

Imagine you’re a working adult without a private vehicle, you’ve been working for a whole day, waited for the bus for half an hour (standing!), and finally when the bus came, you thought that you can finally sit down and rest a bit, but then you realized that it’s full and you had to stand all your way home! Really sucks, right?

Anyway, I went to 1 Utama and I happened to see this bus, I can imagine that it will be the ‘nightmare bus’ for most people, especially busy people.

*The words on the bus are NOT Photoshoped in, they were really there on the bus!

Sentiasa Penuh!

A bus that is SENTIASA PENUH!!! Dude!

If I were the working adult that I described just now and I see this bus coming, I think I would really cry!

For those who do not understand Malay, the bus company is considerate enough to have an English translation on the other side of the bus, so that everyone can understand!

Always Full

Driver: Eh, don’t bother to come up lah, this bus always full 1, ok!

Perhaps they did that to prevent the disappointment that you might feel when you realize that the bus is full after you board it, by warning you of it the instant you see the bus approaching!

Just kidding lah! I guess it’s only that RapidKL is very confident towards their services! Good for them!

Damn, I really need a car!

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By James Chow

Protected: CNY Food Feast @ MMU

Chinese New Year is approaching and as usual, the Chinese Language Society (CLS) of MMU is making a hell of a fuss out of it.

Well, that is to be expected since CLS is known to organize very impressive and sometimes over-exaggerated events that involve hordes of members and tons of publicity work, usually forcing many other clubs into rescheduling their own activities when they’re unfortunately held at the same day and time as CLS’s. What a monster club!

And speaking of monsters, we encountered a real monster in campus today!



This is umm… Possibly the mascot for the CLS’s Chinese New Year events for the year? As far as I can tell, it is made out of painted dry leaves, and I have to admit that it looks kinda scary when looked at from some angles… Imagine waking up in the night and seeing this thing’s head hovering outside your window… OMG….

But scary things later, today is CLS’s Chinese New Year Food Feast, it is said to be a food exhibition and sampling session, but I think anyone also can tell there’s some hidden intentions… You’ll know why later =).

CLS members were walking all around the campus all day getting people to go to the hall as there are, what they called, ‘free food’ there. FREE FOOD! That’s something not to be missed!

Entering the hall, you’ll arrive in this red-lighted ‘food tunnel‘ where different kinds of Chinese food samples are displayed along with their descriptions:

Food Tunnel

Stepping out of the tunnel, we arrived at the main area, where the ‘feast’ is held. Immediately, you will be surrounded by groups of salesmen, NO, I mean committee members, greeting you and inviting you to try their food!

Comm. Members

You’ll be shown all around at all the different stalls err… displaying different Chinese foods.


I must say, the stalls are pretty well-designed and decorated, just like this so-called ‘Dragon Door Restaurant‘. As expected from CLS, big performance all the time!

Then, you’re shown to other stalls and offered free samples to be tested, you start to wonder, “why are they sooooo good and eager to show you around and offer you food, all for free?

But who cares? They’re the Chinese Language Society, that’s their job, I guess.=)

Other Stores

But then after you started testing the foods and gave complimentary remarks about them, you’re told that you’re supposed to buy and take some home, since you liked them so much! And you’ll be persuaded with great insistence and skill to buy from them! I must say, sometimes I do think that CLS members make GREAT salespeople, and that’s a sincere compliment!

Anyway, I knew it, it’s not that much of an innocent food exhibition with free food as we were told!

I guess any food exhibition and sampling session always comes with sales, anywhere; but it’s pretty normal, since they can’t be doing this for nothing and lose money right?

I think it’s more like a Chinese New Year food promotion fair, but very great effort and performance from the Society! I guess they spent mountains of time and work on this event, and that’s really remarkable considering the fact that they are not getting paid to do it!

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