By James Chow

Protected: The Best Cyber Cafe for ‘Leavers’.

Cyber Cafe Seat

This entry requires the knowledge of the gaming term ‘LEAVER’. If you DO NOT know what a ‘leaver’ is, read on. If you do, please skip the next 3 paragraphs.

For those who are not familiar with gaming terms, a ‘leaver’ is a player who leaves a multiplayer game before the game officially ends, usually due to the fact that the player knows that he or she is very likely to lose the game eventually. ‘Leavers’ are particularly despised in popular multiplayer games like DotA (Defense of the Ancients), where the game is pointless to continue if a player has left, since the two teams would be rendered unbalance.

Usually, ‘leavers’ won’t simply leave the game by exiting the program since it will lead to bad reputation to his own username, thus causing other players to refuse him from joining their games in the future. A popular way of leaving a game with minimum impact to a player’s reputation is to fake a network disconnection or computer restart, so that they can leave the losing game as if they were ‘being forced’ by the network disconnection or computer restart.

The two ‘leaving’ situations can be faked by disconnecting the network cable from the CPU or by simply pressing the restart button of the computer, respectively. However, if the game is played in a cyber cafe, then faking a computer restart is usually preferred since disconnecting the network cable of a computer in a cyber cafe is rather inconvenient.

This is BlitZone, a cyber cafe in Damansara Jaya, PJ.


It takes almost 2 friggin’ hours to get here from my house by bus, and almost an hour by car. Although it’s rather far away, but it is my preferred cyber cafe in PJ area because it has a rather consistent amount of players at most times, a decent amount of PCs, sufficiently competent players, near Shu-Yi’s house, and quite convenient to reach. If you have a better cyber cafe suggestion of where Cyberjaya people use to go, please let me know!=)

However, apart from the advantages of coming to BlitZone, there is also another feature that until now I find exclusive to it: this cyber cafe is bloody excellent for ‘leavers’!

Because the reset button of your PC is right in front of your knee!

The Reset Button!

Don’t get too excited when you killed many heroes or are winning the game, because a little stretch or forward movement of your leg will instantaneously make you a stupid ‘leaver’!

I accidentally hit the reset button TWICE last night, meaning that I also ruined TWO DotA games! And NO, I was not losing in both of the games! Grrr….

I have no idea why the guys at BlitZone would want to put the reset button there. Here’s a close up shot of how close your knee would be to the reset button if you were the same height as me.

10 friggin cm!

Well, I guess it’s convenient for some people, so if a guy is losing the game, his knee might just move a bit, and with a fake look of surprise on his face, both hands still on the keyboard and mouse, and say: “Aiya! Dunno why restart ady wor, cannot continue play lor…Rmk! Rmk!*=)”

*Rmk is the short form for Remake, which means to restart the game.

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By James Chow

Protected: How To Make A Home-Made Hammer.

Recently, I bought a cupboard from Alamanda Shopping Centre in Putrajaya. As everbody knows, furniture bought from shoping centres usually come with the 3 annoying alphabets:


The unassembled package was around 6 feet in length, and weighs more than 20KG. It took up the whole interior length of a Proton Waja to transport it back to my house. We had to put the front passenger seat flat down and lay the huge package diagonally with both its ends resting on the dashboard and the rear window. I could hardly drive with the box partially obscuring the rear window! Phew!

The box

After we’ve reached home, it was almost midnight but we immediately set to work to construct the cupboard because I hoped to have it finished before the next day since I won’t be in Cyberjaya the following day.

We grabbed the screwdriver and started putting on the screws. At a little past 1A.M., we finished the ‘screwing’ part and realized that we got a problem:

This cupboard required NAILING. Meaning that we needed a hammer and NONE OF US had a hammer with us!! Since when did these D.I.Y. cupboards needed nails on them?! I thought they were all done with screws…

Since the unfinished cupboard was taking up a lot of space in my room, I was desperate to finish the cupboard without delaying till the next day. However, it was 1 o’clock in the morning and there’s nowhere that we could get a hammer, we resorted to the use of our own creativity.

In the end, we decided to CREATE our own hammer using:

Old Pot


Item 2: An old cloth.

Old Cloth

Produces our item of the day! A fully usable hammer!


Actually we could have done without the second item, but it was used in consideration of the other inhabitants of our apartment since it’s not actually early and people might be sleeping. Not bad eh, a sound-proof hammer some more!

Here’s Sebastian at work helping me with the nailing using our new, sturdy, sound-proof hammer! Really kind of him!
Using Hammer!

So with the help of our new invention, we finished the construction of the cupboard that night!


Nothing is impossible, if you bothered to think about it!

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By James Chow

Protected: Next Week’s Newspaper Received Today!

What would you do if you received NEXT WEEK’S NEWSPAPER, today?

I’m sure most of you have heard of the popular TV series Early Edition. If you’re not familiar with the storyline, do have a look here.

Staring kyle Chandler, the series is about a man who receives newspapers a day ahead of time; in simpler words, he receives tomorrow’s newspapers today! With the knowledge of what’s going to happen tomorrow, he then did a lot of extraordinary and heroic stuff like preventing disasters and saving people.

A very interesting TV series, but unfortunately, it is not real.

My experience, however, is REAL.

This morning I bought 3 different issues of the Malay newspaper, Seleksi, because it contained some special information that I needed. I never read Seleksi before because I usually read English newspapers. In case some of you might not have heard of Seleksi before, here’s a photo of the main cover:


Well, nothing much special about the newspaper besides the fact that it reports news that are really out of the ordinary. Things that you can never find in newspapers like The Star or NST.

As I said, I bought 3 different issues of the newspaper, and they are, respectively, issues of the 1st December 2006, 15th December 2006, and 15th January 2007.

Wait a minute, something didn’t sound right, I thought today is only the 8th January 2007… Then I checked the date on my computer, and sure as heck it is! What the hell is next week’s newspaper doing here?!

15th January 2007!?

Here’s a solid proof that I received next week’s Early Edition of Seleksi:

This photo of the said issue was taken beside the webpage of, which displays the current date and time of a particular area, as in my case, Kuala Lumpur. You can check out the webpage Here.

Date Comparison

If you can’t see the date clearly, Please Click Here to see the enlarged image. Which will clearly prove that I’ve got a newspaper issue 1 week ahead of time! Yay!

And it’s not merely a front page misprint, ALL the pages inside are labelled 15th January 2007!

Double Page Proof!

Wahahahaha… I am NOT going to prevent the disasters from happening as Kyle Chandler in Early Edition did!

Future news selling at $1000 per news! Any takers? =p Nah, just kidding, there might be lottery results in there, not gonna let you guys get it.

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