By James Chow

Protected: Are You Sure You Want To Eat This?

*Images in this entry are linked from Leonard Png and brendywendy, the combined usage of the images is inspired by KennySia.*

*The images below are taken from Chinese restaurants in China by their respective authors, the words in the images are original and are neither added nor edited*

Feeling Hungry?

Imagine you’re a person who couldn’t understand Chinese at all, and you arrive at this cute little chinese restaurant in China where you decide to have lunch in. The Chinese waiter politely hands you the menu, and waits silently to take your order.

Opening the menu, you see a lot of Chinese words that you don’t understand at all, but ahh.. luckily, there’s the English translation:

Let’s see, there’s soup and… sand?! And… wth?!


Err… I think I’ll have some cook sand and a the chicken hates the soup of because they… emm…. sound delicious.

Anyway, maybe the main course menu is more comprehensible…


Chinese waiter: Sir, which pick would you like to pick? We have a special promotion on the Milan pigs this week!

No wonder Napoleon of France won so many battles, probably because he knew how to fry the idea powder! If only the Russians knew it…

Wow now even joss sticks know how to cook…

Here’s a meal for the Americans: The cold cow in the special grade west of the United States picks the meal!

Countries for sale! Grab one and rule!

The company directors over at Ovaltine and Horlicks must be very pleased to have their products renamed as “The farmland of” and “Good the Gram of” respectively!


The above menu does not suit your taste?

Perhaps you’d wanna try these…

Beware, nowadays not only do people fuck; shrimps, turnips, and joss sticks fuck too!

Well, I guess the chinese word ‘gan’, which means ‘dry’, also means ‘fuck’ in Mandarin… And they translated it directly…

I bet a foreigner who only understands English will really freak out in this restaurant. I don’t know about you, but I really don’t fancy any kind of food served with joss sticks.

Joss sticks

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By James Chow

Protected: Hiya! I’m James!

Hi there! Welcome to the (finally) completed personal website of my own! Yes I know it took me long enough.. About like how long? I think more than 6 months to install a publishing platform that others can do in say 10 minutes or less… *grins stupidly*

But anyway… Here you have it lah!

I’m not a professional web designer nor a professional blogger, so I guess what you’ll see in my website now and onwards would be just plain and ordinary stuff, just like those in any other blog or personal website you can find on the internet, or probably a lot worse! But yeah, sure… I will improve myself and hopefully in the future this site will become a better, or even better than better, site! =)

So, emm, basically this site is just a place for me to record my experiences, as well as to communicate with my friends, typical!. Well of course it’s also for my own entertainment; because to be able to write, post, upload, spam, vandalize, or do whatever I like with something that is my very own property is quite entertaining, or at least that’s what I find to be…

So, whether or not I know you personally as a friend, do check out this site time to time. And emm, if you happen to know how to type using a keyboard, do leave some comments, okay?=) Come on! That’ll be one of the greatest support and motivation you can give me on this site. Thanks!

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