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Remember when I mention that I’m metamorphosing into a nerd?? Well, it seems to me that I am well on my way. I think at least 70% complete.

The sharp up-turn happened when the Big Bad Wolf Book Sales is on at the Amcrop Mall. As a nerd-to-be, I have to go check it out. I heard that the prices will be ridiculously cheap. And indeed it was…

A sea of people

Dirt Cheap books sure turn Malaysian into sudden book lovers…

I went on the 26th of Nov 2009, which was the first day of the sales, with my Dear. Luckily I went in the afternoon, roughly around 5pm, I heard the crowd was even crazier in the morning. You have to queue up to get in!

When I went, there was no queue at the entrance but we were already amazed by the amount of people in the sales. Once we were in I notice two super long lines at the cashier, one was for people paying in cash and another for people paying by credit card.

When I start roaming around the place I could not concentrate on the books. I was distracted by the people!

huge crowd

They are actually moving around with boxes! They had their eyes focused on all the books on the tables and once they spotted something that they’re interested in one hand will quickly fish it out, as though the books are precious gems someone else would steal from them, and toss them into their boxes.

Hands down to them!

 armed with boxes

Anyway, I became really excited when I finally flipped a book at looked at the price. A huge, pictorial book which would normally cost at least RM80-RM100+ was selling at RM20-RM30!!! I think these are considered the most expensive in the lot. From the books that I saw the prices ranged from RM3-RM30. Really wanted to pengsan when I looked at the prices (in a good way).

I know that a lot of people expected this when they are coming to the book sales so please excuse me of my kampung-ness, I’m a first timer.

Never ending stacks of books

Back to the sales, we were there for nearly 2 hours and ended up with a box ourselves. There were a lot of books there that interest me. Too bad I couldn’t bring them all home because of my budget.

I really had a hard time deciding which books to forego. It’s like I have to squint my eyes to see which gem is brighter when I’m already mesmerized by the sparkling brightness of every single one of them. However I finally manage to make up my mind and we ended up with these -

Our box

Our very own box of books to take home with…

Dear's catch of the day

These are my Dear’s finds which are all very academic but he’s very happy with them so… =)

I would too if I were him because he got a textbook for only RM15!!! I would be happy if mine was less than RM100… :-|

My steals

These are mine!!! :mrgreen:

I didn’t know what to expect so I had no particular book/author in mind so I just pick whichever books and titles which interest me.

I don’t really give too much emphasis on the authors because, who knows, unexplored grounds can be adventurous and breathtaking. And why not take on the ‘adventure’ now, during the sales, because the books are so cheap you won’t cry over your money if it turns out sucky.

My finds

Anyways, I still superbly happy with mine!

Most of my finds are based on real life stories. There one about the Vietnam War, one about the Holocaust, one about having a tortured childhood and another one about a serial killer. The other 3 are just funny, cute books that I picked out.

Adding to the load of untouched, albeit unread, books that I have bought earlier on + textbooks, cases and materials (academic stuff) + researched materials for my dissertation (also academic stuff) = drown by words and I have to get new specs! :-?

It’s all the Big Bad Wolf Book Sales’ fault!!!

Big Bad Wolf Logo

Oh my, I’m starting to finger-point lately! 8-O Nah, never mind, it makes my life easier… :-)

Nonetheless, this sales is truly heaven for bookworms.

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